Wildlife Organisation and Rescuer support request form Feb 2020

This form is for wildlife workers and animal rescuers to request help from the Rescue Collective teams. We have established a network of drop hubs around the states as well as supportive product supply lines and have been sharing the support out to rescuers everywhere. Hundreds of packages have been provided so far so please tell us about yourself so that we can direct support to you as best as we can.

Note – Priority for this form are rescuers with animals in need, nor large groups that can access available funds . . or Facebook agregators of funds. This is direct help for people likely to not have ready access for projects or support. If you are a Wildlife group needing large supply and feed

Broadly (and yes they may be a long way away) which of these superhub locations is near you . This is to help us drop to central locations.
(this makes it easy to set up group conversations - what is your full facebook link URL if you have one)

Section 2 - What help do you need.

Please use this sparingly, we cant give everyone all they need and this is a one off process, so enough to get things moving.
If there are other people in your area needing help we can try to help them. The more we can get to a central hub/location the better.