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Woop Woop Wildlife Rescue Inc.

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Woop Woop Wildlife Rescue Inc.

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Tara QLD, Australia

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Woop Woop Wildlife Rescue looks after Tara, Chinchilla, Miles, Condamine, Jandowe, Kogan, The Gums, Dalby, and surrounding areas.

All native animals are catered for: Macropods(Kangaroos Wallabies Bettongs Pademelons), Possums, Gliders, Birds, Flying Foxes, Echidnas, Raptors, Koalas, Reptiles. We are also available for displays and talks to schools, children, organisations, clubs and groups.

You can also contact the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) from anywhere in Qld.
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Do not use email to report an animal in need. Not all groups monitor their emails 24/7 and if an animal is reported by email, your report may not be read in time to save the animal.  Always use the provided Rescue hotline number to report injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.

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