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Wombat Rescue Tasmania

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Wombat Rescue Tasmania

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Wombat Rescue Tasmania is a community initiative aimed at treating our native wombats for the debilitating parasitic infestation that is Mange.

Wombat Rescue Tasmania is a community group treating hundreds of wombats suffering mange Tasmania wide. We are dedicate to treating and preventing wombat mange.

Sarcoptes Scabeii is a mite that causes scabies in humans and mange in dogs. It also affects wombats and currently poses the biggest threat to their survival. Once contracted, it is a terminal diagnosis for an individual wombat, hence the response for many animal welfare operators and landowners opting for euthanasia to end their suffering.

Mange is treatable and the Wombat Protection Society along with Wildlife Rehabilitation Workers and many volunteers have worked to promote this over euthanasia. The burrow flap method of treatment is used and info on this can be found at www.narg.asn.au

There are so many ways!

1. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! The more involved the better. You can make a difference and meet great people (and wombats) along the way! Tasks do not only include the field work, for those less mobile there is plenty to do. If you have any skills to offer or any time to spare, give us a call.

2. If you know the whereabouts of a Mangy wombat, it needs your help. Remember ‘treatment before euthanasia’. Visit WomSAT and record the wombats location, or contact us. No matter where you are in Tasmania, one of our volunteers will assist.

3. Interested in starting your own protection group in your locality? We will help you get this started, the more people involved the less pressure their is on existing volunteers and the more wombats that can be helped.

4. If none of these are relevant to your situation but you still want to help, donations are always welcome. We cannot help wombats without the equipment needed to do so and with so many affected, supplies are always limited. Donations help us to secure these things and continue with our quest. Thank you to all those who have generously contributed to saving wombats in the few months we have been doing this. Even $10 can help make several flaps which means several wombats are helped.

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