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The Wombat Protection Society of Australia Ltd. is a national not for profit company which was formed to raise money to fund projects that provide wombats immediate protection from harm, enhance the quality of life for individuals, or groups of wombats and to fund projects which develop or protect suitable habitat and/or sanctuaries for wombats.  The Society also funds and supports research projects which meet these criteria.

The WPSA aims to bring together people involved in wombat conservation and protection, maintain a data base of up to date research and information about wombats, and serve as a conduit for further research.

The Society also educates government departments, the public, and carers on the care and welfare of wombats and assists people take action to overcome harm to wombats and their environments.  The WPSA has presented two very successful National Wombat Conferences, the most recent in 2017

The WPSA has, since inception, considered mange, caused by the parasitic mite sarcoptes scabiei the major health issue impacting wombat welfare.  The Society through its members and by encouraging and supporting research and collaboration in the treatment and prevention of mange in free living wombats and wombats in care, has successfully progressed attention and action around this issue.