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“WISH” Animal Rescue Team provides help for homeless animals in Western Australia.“WISH”, aim to support the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted animals.

We hope to provide a balance between animals and people through support and education.

“WISH” animals come from pounds, surrendered or abandoned, others are saved from cruel living conditions, often abused and neglected.

All of these animals receive a full vet check up and treatment where necessary, they are then placed into wonderful foster care homes until they are safely re-homed into permanent kind loving families.

“WISH” achieves success largely due to the team of dedicated volunteers, supporters and members. 

“WISH” animal rescue cannot survive without our foster families, these families are ready to take the animals home as they arrive into our care, sharing their lives, loving them unconditionally, training, nursing and rehabilitating them when needed, thus preparing them for adoption. 

Not all our WISH babies are up on Petrescue, due to medical or other issues/reasons.”WISH” animal rescue animals are vet checked, sterilized, micro chipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated prior to being available for adoption. We are a not for profit organisation, operated by a dedicated team. “WISH” Animal Rescue is not an animal shelter, all of our animals are in independent foster homes (we don’t have a central location for viewing animals).

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