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WRSC is a purely volunteer based organisation that is solely reliant upon it’s own fundraising activities and donations from the public. Like all dedicated wildlife carers we are volunteers, therefore much of the care we carry out for native animals is payed for with our own money.

We are everyday people with regular jobs except we also want to do something special for the distressed wildlife surrounding all of us. Any monies raised by WRSC typically are for medicines, specialised formula’s, rescue equipment, medical equipment etc. The list is endless! Luckily we have some great supporters, so the only WRSC monies expended (not directly related to wildlife care) are the associated fees with regulatory bodies and banks.

We make sure we can get the best “bang for our buck” for wildlife care. We are a registered charity in Queensland as well as federally with the ACNC. At this time, WRSC has not been granted tax deductable status by the ATO for any donations over $2.00 but we hope to have this changed in the near future. In the meantime, if you wish to donate to WRSC to help us help our native wildlife you can do so by EFT using the details here or place your donation in any WRSC donation box you may see around the Sunshine Coast…….every little bit helps our precious wildlife!


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