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Wildlife Matters – Warwick

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Wildlife Matters – Warwick

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Warwick QLD, Australia

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If you have found an animal PLEASE EXPAND HERE FOR INFO ON WHO TO CALL. All contact info is below for your convenience. But if you have found an injured animal the first place to go is any vet who will assess damage.
We are no longer in the Southern Downs and no longer provide rescue services.

If you have rescued an injured animal (including birds) you should deliver the animal to your nearest vet for assessment. The vet will then contact a carer should the animal be a candidate for rehabilitation.

If you have found a flying fox/bat DO NOT TOUCH THE ANIMAL – please call Peter on 0414 859 742. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE if you call rather than ring around a number of people. This way Pete can get back to you straight away saving time not only for you but the animal.

For snakes phone:
Drew – 0458 491 123 (Southern Downs)
Toowoomba Snake Catchers – 0419 705 052
THERE WILL BE A FEE FOR SNAKE CALL OUTS – $100+ – be prepared to pay. Snake relocators are NOT volunteers.
For koalas phone Clare on 0427 969 860. Koalas are a specialised animal and should not be handled by just anyone. There is also a great deal of additional paperwork and notifications that are required with regard to koalas.

For general local wildlife rescue and rehab queries phone Granite Belt Wildlife (who have a number of Warwick-based members) on 0418 144 073. If they redirect you here please ask them for one of their Warwick-based members. Otherwise RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL
For snakes phone 24/7:  0408 545 440
For all others:
🐾  WILVOS 24/7 hotline: 5441 6200
🐾  Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital:  5436 2097.
🐾  Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast 0458 682 152

For general information on wildlife-related matters please call 0417 648 172 between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

We do not take on animals that have been in care with others for any length of time. Please phone the numbers above.

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