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Wild 2 Free Incorporated


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Wild 2 Free Incorporated

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Runnyford NSW, Australia

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We are situated on 67 acres adjacent to the Mogo State Forest near Batemans Bay. We are a release site, and committed to the wildlife in care here long term.

Additionally, we have rescue cats and will try and help any animal requiring short or long-term help and accommodation.

We are committed to wildlife education, with a particular interest in the suffering of the surviving kangaroos during culls for meat production and the damage caused to their social structure and genetic lines as a result. We are interested in the protection of all wildlife, but currently focus mainly on kangaroos and wallabies, who require quite a lot of time and resources. We care for them under license with Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

We are a registered charity with DGR status. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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