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White Angels Horse Rescue and Sanctuary


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White Angels Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

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Kinglake West VIC, Australia

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Once our horses have been rehabilitated they are assessed for the kind of home and rider they will need. This assures us that they are placed in the best of care and that it’s a match that will last a lifetime.

Our horses go out to homes vaccinated, wormed, feet and teeth done, and ready to be loved.

Some of our horses can be ridden and other can’t, and the ones that can’t we try to rehome as companion horses.

Horses from WAHR are never sold. This is beacause we want to be able to know where our horses are their entire lives, and that they will never be back in the wrong hands. Therefore we have created a lease contract, that works as a forever lease. That way if you adopt one of our horses and your situation changes, you can bring the horse back to WAHR at any given time.

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