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We Were Champion Horses Inc


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We Were Champion Horses Inc

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Junction Village VIC, Australia

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The purpose(s) of the We Were Champion Horses Inc are to provide care and refuge and rehabilitating orphaned sick or injured animals (but not only native wildlife) that have been lost or mistreated with continuing to support horses that have been neglected, abused or are slaughter bound.

We Were Champion Horses Incs to not only save the lives of Ex Racehorses that would be killed and discarded as wastage but also create awareness to those who surround the industry in how to manage horse welfare issues and humane horse care.

We Were Champion Horses Inc endeavour to responsibly adopt our Horses back into our community where they belong.We choose to rescue from SaleYards or direct from Trainers and offer a care or those who are unable to provide the care for their Equine.

Horses that do not require rehabilitation are kept within our sanctuary whilst waiting to be adopted into new homes. Some of the horses that come to We Were Champion Horses Inc could have been mistreated, malnourished, abused or neglected and often require treatment.

Our team spend time getting to know each characteristic of the new Herd Member so that we can help prospective adopters make an educated decision on whether they are suitable for them.

The horses have already gone through enough uncertainty; therefore you are encouraged to work with over several weeks, complete an Application Form and then if accepted an Adoption contract is created.If We Were Champion Horses Inc does



Adoption process