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WA Pet Project


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WA Pet Project

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Parkwood WA, Australia

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We are group of VERY good looking volunteers working hard at changing the lives of pets and their humans. Our Committee have over 50years combined experience working in animal rescue and we are proud to be supporters of the No-Kill movement. We are also a not for profit and incorporated group based in Perth, Western Australia.

While at WA Pet Project we offer pet re-homing and an adoption program for cats and dogs, our vision is a world where animal rescues don’t need to exist. We love our foster pets, but what we love more is pets living in their homes. Forever.

Our aim is to help the community become

great pet owners through various education

programs, online resources and dog training

courses. Because we believe success will come

from addressing the cause, not only the issue.


We have 5 key areas of focus in achieving our goals:

1. Education on responsible pet ownership

2. Provide simple and clear learning materials

3. Engage with the wider community to spread our message

4. Rehoming of pets

5. Dog training courses

Adoption process

Read our adoption orocess at https://www.wapetproject.com.au/gotwhatittakes