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Victorian Wildlife Council Inc

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Bayswater VIC, Australia

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It is with great pleasure that we advise that the newly restructured Victorian Wildlife Council has now been incorporated.

It has been somewhat of a bumpy road, and there are changes to the original concept which Council feels is a more balanced and fairer representation for all Victorian Wildlife carers. The restructured Council is modelled on the successful NSW Wildlife Council with some minor changes.

Briefly the new structure has provision for one elected member of each incorporated Independent Wildlife Group to take up a seat on the Council – the proviso is that the elected representative must have been a licensed wildlife shelter for a minimum of 3 years, and the group be incorporated for minimum of 3 years.

There is also provision for one seat for each ‘multi-group’ i.e. an incorporated group who have affiliations and/or membership with other incorporated groups, the same criteria applies for this representative as for the Independent Wildlife group representatives in that the elected representative must have been a licensed wildlife shelter for a minimum of 3 years. The election of these representatives will be the decision of their Independent Group or Multi-Group. 

In addition, there is provision for Independent Wildlife Carers to hold 20% of the total number of seats at any given time on the council. For those Independent Wildlife Carers wishing to participate and represent their fellow independent shelters, they are asked to submit an application in writing to Council along with their Wildlife Shelter Authorisation number.

All those participating on the Council will be required to fill out a membership application form and pay an annual membership fee of $10 and provide proof of Incorporation if applicable and also Wildlife Shelter Authorisation Number of those wishing to participate.

For the remainder of Victoria’s wildlife carers, there is no requirement to join – the Council is there to represent your interests right across the board. In effect, the Council is there to represent all of Victoria’s wildlife carers and the overall welfare of Victorian wildlife. 

Those wildlife carers who are affiliated with any group will still have the flexibility of approaching Council either through their own group or as an individual carer – full confidentiality is assured if requested.

The Victorian Wildlife Council will in no way impede on any group or diminish their role in any way. It is simply there for Victoria’s wildlife carers and the wildlife they represent.

We therefore, have enormous pleasure in inviting each Independent Incorporated Wildlife group to submit the name of their representative who they wish to take up their seat on the Council, as well as the multi-group/s to also submit the name of their representative to take up their seat on the council.

For those Independent Wildlife shelters who have held a licence for 3 years or more, again we invite you to submit your name and details to the Council. We do ask that you are willing to act not only on your behalf bit on behalf of your fellow independent wildlife carers. Together we hope that with this new beginning, we can for the first time, speak with a collective voice for our wildlife.

Invitations will be forwarded to those groups we know of, however there will be some we don’t, therefore please accept this open invitation to join and share this with your fellow carers and groups in what we hope will be a new approach to wildlife care in Victoria. Membership forms will be forwarded on receipt of your application to partipate.

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