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Victorian Dog Rescue And Resource Group Inc


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Victorian Dog Rescue And Resource Group Inc

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Victorian Dog Rescue is a community fostercare network run by volunteers. We have been in existence for more than ten years and were the first group to work in rural areas, setting up the Drought Dogs Program to bring dogs and cats to Melbourne. We believe that the life of every dog and cat is important and we will do the best we can for each that we come across.We have a particular interest in pound dogs and cats, senior surrenders, and timid and needy animals. Because we never want our pets to be abandoned again we offer a lifetime takeback policy with 50 per cent of the adoption fee guaranteed. We run community outreach programs providing food, vet care and other services where we can. We lobby for improvements in animal welfare. We have run many successful programs with the aid of bequests and grants such as Pets in Crisis, Animeals and Desexing Programs for the Pets of the Financially Disadvantaged. We do not just say we care and are pro-life. We are. And we act on this belief every day 365 days a year

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