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Urban Kittens


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Urban Kittens

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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Urban Kittens is an affiliation of like minded individuals who care for the lost, abandoned and un-homed kittens and cats in the Bayside area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We believe in the institution of mandatory desexing and the TNR of local cat colonies, working in conjunction with State and Local government bodies, to establish discounted pet chipping and desexing programs, as well as guidelines and policies in respect to the humane treatment of animals that come into their care.

In order to do this we will;

* Be a resource for small rescues, individuals or groups in either a residential or commercial capacity to enable them to undertake proactive TNR in their area. This may involve,
* Support through the lending of traps, along with training and direction for their use,
* Assistance in the developing their own fostering networks for kittens/cats that come into their care
* Provision of vouchers for desexing and health care (when funds are available) and,
* Assistance in advertising/marketing for re-homing kittens/cats.
* Maintain a small network of foster carers and focus on the rescue and re-homing of kittens and cats that are brought to our attention via local vets, community members and smaller rescues, who may struggle to find foster carers for kittens that they rescue. In adoptions priority will be given to INDOOR only homes for kittens/cats or outdoors where enclosures or other options are available. All adoptions will continue to be assessed on an individual basis through information derived from pre-adoption questionnaires and home checks.
* Fund raise and network primarily through adoption meet and greets at local pet stores, social media and through promotion of our website.

Thanks to RescueCat Project for the amazing photo of Maggie used as our cover photo

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