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Tracie’s Loving Care


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Tracie’s Loving Care

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Adelaide South Australia, Australia

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our rescue kittens will be entered into a cat show on the 19th April if you would like to visit let us know for more details

Tracie’s Place

Incorporated Cat Toys and Accessories which we make and sell for our rescue and 
Tracie’s Loving Care which is a private feline rescue

I’m only one person Tracie-Anne Kearns but i try to help where i can and with in my means. I have a home based rescue with 15-20 cats on my property and i have a foster carer who helps – currently we are overborn and need to rehome the cats and kittens who we have rescued, rehabilitates and now want to rehomes to a loving family. 
I will also be going in for some surgery and unable to take on any new wards for a while

At Tracie’s Place i take pride on my adoption process to ensure the right companion goes to the right family who will care and love them as much as we do or more for the rest of their lives thats why we reserve the right to refuse and have pre adoption application forms and adoption contracts.

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