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Tommy’s Rescue

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Tommy’s Rescue

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Riverwood NSW, Australia

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Tommy’s Rescue got its name from the founder’s first rescue cat in Sydney, Tommy. Tommy was an extremely emaciated and partially blind adult boy who was super friendly and who needed urgent TLC to save his life. When he was first weighed off the streets he was only 2kgs and could barely stand he was so weak. He would try to rub up against his foster mummy but because he was so lightweight he would just go sliding backwards or fall over. After a few blood tests it was determined that he was luckily FIV/FeLV negative but had hyperthyroidism, which contributed to his emaciated state. Due to it not being treated while he was on the streets his pupils were permanently blown and he had severely diminished vision. After 3 months in foster care Tommy found his forever home, but unfortunately after 6 weeks of being loved more than he could ever imagine, his body gave up and he passed peacefully in his sleep. This rescue is dedicated to giving more kitties the same chance Tommy had.

Adoption process

First we’d ask you to send us your email address so we can send you a quick questionnaire to find out more about your home. After that the next steps are a meet and greet where you come to meet the kitty(s), a quick home visit at your home to sign paperwork and help guide you with how to introduce them to your home, and then they would come home to you with a trial period.