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Welcome to The Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome group. This page began with a group of 9 littlies who came into our care. Many ponies from a deceased estate were rounded up and sent to Echuca Sale Yard to be sold.

These ponies had not been handled before, and were terrified. Some were purchased by private homes, some by dealers, and a group, including these babies were bought by a pet food knackery. These littlies were available to be on sold by the knackery at greater prices than their original purchase price.

Some ponies had been bought by people, but, this group was left! So, we decided we could not leave them sit there waiting to see IF someone was going to save them. Particularly as many of the little mares had foals on them and were alraady in foal again. One little man was left because someone bought his Mum and not him.

A terrible way to wean a foal! With the support of some incredibly kind people we secured 9 unhandled ponies! Yes, they were wild but not nasty at all. They just needed time and consistent attention at their own pace. The page isn’t exclusive to these particular littlies, nor just to ponies, in fact, we have many large horses to foster and permanently home too! Any horse in need is welcome on this page.

Anyone who has a heart for horses no matter what shape or size, can help a horse or pony to a secure and safe life. We are a small rescue but we’re very active in the saving of and ongoing welfare of horses. If you are a prospective home or if you’d simply like to help with the upkeep of the horses and ponies then that’s easy.

We have an account for Teenies Rescue ????? Teenies Pony Rescue and Rehome Bsb 063607 Acct: 10775125 Any help is welcome no matter how small. Please include your name or a particular horse’s name or what it is you’d like to support such as vet accounts, farriers, dentists, gelding funds or our hay drives. ? Thank you ALL so very much. Your admin team is Renee Brennan, Shaz Alexander and Jan Baverstock , Message us anytime.

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