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The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue


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The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue

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Trinity Beach QLD, Australia

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Established in 2017 by Ecologist Shai Ager, The Agile Project is a non-profit incorporation which aims to protect and conserve the Agile Wallabies on the Northern Beaches, Cairns. At the start of 2020 we have expanded to include all native species.

In 2019 we lost 545 wallabies and joeys, predominately to car incidents and dog attacks, and rescued 42 orphaned joeys. We care and pay the expenses such as vet bills and food,  for these joeys until they are able to go to a pre-release site.

We have a group of volunteers who attend wallaby rescues and help care, raise and rehabilitate orphaned joey’s. Other volunteers rescue and care for other native species. We often offer free training session for people who want  become wildlife carers or rescuers.

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