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The 9 Lives Project Rescue

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The 9 Lives Project Rescue

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Cheltenham VIC, Australia

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Founded in 2020, we opened to cater for the needs of cats who are homeless, abandoned, through no fault of their own, are the most overlooked cats in the community. We are a rescue with the priority on saving the hardest cases. Our focus is to rehabilitate and assist cats with behavioral problems that would otherwise be euthanized. Our furry friends come in every breed, shape, colour and age.
Without the generous support of businesses, friends, family and our benefactors we couldn’t exist.

DONATE TO: https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-nine-lives-project

You can support us by shopping at one of our affiliates by using the links on our website: https://www.the9livesproject.org/donate/

So far since we have opened in Jan 2020, we have saved and re-homed over 40 cats and kittens. We are proud to contribute to the welfare of cats and kittens in Melbourne.

We aim to not just to rehabilitate the cats in our care, but to try and educate the community in cat population control. We love our adopters to stay in touch after they have adopted a cat from us.
Please take a look around to find you next love, or reach out and help with fostering a catten in need, and help develop them for their new family.

Adoption process

Please download our interactive adoption form here:

This will assist us in ensuring that we can match you to your purrfect feline friend.

We will conduct an Interview via phone or video chat.

We prefer our cats to remain indoors at all times for their safety and the safety of wildlife and are only outside if they have access to a cat run our are outside with supervision.

We carry out house checks to ensure that there aren’t any escape routes, or toxic plants etc.

Adoption fees are payable as per each listing. We can accept direct deposit or cash