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Team Koala Inc


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Team Koala Inc

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Murwillumbah NSW, Australia

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Team Koala came about because of my concern of no longer seeing Koalas in the wild in the Tweed. As a child growing up, my sister, my father and I used to play a game “spot the Koala” as we drove over the Burringbar Range NNSW. My favourite book was Blinky Bill, I had a natural love for animals and Koalas were always very special to me. Having been one of the founders of “Friends of the Pound” and working voluntarily in Africa researching Rhinos and Elephants, I realised that we on the Tweed Coast of Australia, had to address a critical issue of our dwindling Koala population.

My sister mentioned a development application for Kings Forest she saw published almost 10 years ago and after some research I realised there were great concerns for the Tweed Coast Koala.

My sister Lisa with a degree in marketing supported me in spreading the word throughout the Tweed Shire. With overwhelming support from the community Team Koala was born !

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