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Tasmanian Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Services

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Tasmanian Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Services

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Halls Track Rd, Pelverata Tasmania, Australia

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We are a not for profit animal rescue and rehabilitation organisation, dedicated to providing a high standard of care for sick, injured and orphaned animals, and educating people wanting to learn more about our native wildlife and wildlife care.
While our main focus is on wildlife, we will also take orphaned farm animals, and can help advise people on how and where to seek assistance in re-homing other animals.
We work in association with many different wildlife and animal rescue organisations around the state, in order to be able to provide the best care and service possible.
We have highly skilled and experienced volunteer carers, and are always looking for more people to join our organisation. We hold courses in rescuing wildlife, emergency short term care, and long term care of wildlife.
We are in the initial stages of setting up an animal ‘First Aid’, Emergency and Intensive Care facility, where by carers and members of the public can bring wildlife to be assessed, treated and cared for, when veterinary assistance is not required or unavailable. Any animal needing professional Veterinary care will be referred or transported to a Veterinary facility.
We depend on donations of money, medical supplies, animal supplies and building supplies to keep our organisation running. We also desperately need volunteers to help make enclosures, pouches and other items required to look after our wildlife.
If you are interested in joining our organisation as a carer, or attending a course. please contact us by private message, email, or phone.
Thank you for your support!
Nat and the team at TARRES.

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