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Tableland Snake Catchers – Ravenshoe

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Tableland Snake Catchers – Ravenshoe

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Ravenshoe QLD, Australia

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Tableland Snake Catchers is based on the Atherton Tablelands and specalises in the safe, licenced, removal of Snakes, Reptiles and other Wildlife, including Brushtailed Possums from premises. Tableland Snake Catchers provides a 24 hour call out service. (cost subject to location) We also offer free over the phone assistance for snake identification throughout North Queensland.Our highly skilled staff have had years of field and captive husbandry experience with Queensland Reptiles and other fauna. E-mail a photo if you would like an animal identified. If you need a Snake removed from your premises or would just like some advice on what to do with a new pet. Phone Tableland Snake Catchers on 40 977231 or 0447279236. Please leave a message if the phone is unattended so we can call you back asap. Additionally we offer husbandary advice and provide a safe home for unwanted ex-pet reptiles.

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