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Stand By Me Sanctuary Limited

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The concept of the Stand By Me Sanctuary was originally the brainchild of Tarryn Zeeman, a resident of Margaret River. Her passion and deep love for animals was the driving force behind forming this charity. Tarryn moved to a rural property in the area with her husband in 2015 and it was at that time that she became aware of the limited care available for orphaned or unwanted animals in large livestock producing regions, resulting in animals generally being put down.

Whilst driving to town, Tarryn found an orphaned lamb on the side of the road. There were simply no facilities or services available to care for the frail and undernourished lamb as the owner could not be found. This was the beginning of the desire to do something practical to help. The time intensive nature of caring for this lamb from a young age involved predominately the same effort as that of caring for a small child for the first 2-3 months. Soon after this experience the number of lambs grew to 3. The additional lambs were identified as needing help by a friend who was a retired vet in the region – and thus the journey began.

The addition of baby bobby calves from the dairy industry came about when a large number of calves were assigned to be terminated, going for 3 days without food after their birth. Tarryn sprang into action to save the calves. The sheer size and scale of the operations expanded dramatically within 24 hours as all the calves were adopted and brought home. Being a vegan and having a burning desire to care for all animals, it didn’t take long before Tarryn had a name for every calf. They were now pets and considered part of the family.

Our primary function as a charity is to re-home orphaned, sick or injured animals after rehabilitation. This is best achieved at an age where they can be passed on to suitable, loving families on small/hobby rural properties. When an animal reaches the age where it is self-sufficient, our aim is to pass these pets onto our adoptive families who will be committed to letting them live out their natural lives in peace and harmony.

Unfortunately Tarryn passed away on August 6th 2016 after a fight with breast cancer and its associated complications. The Stand By Me Sanctuary charity is her legacy and we proudly continue the work she so lovingly started.

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