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In 2011, Paw Prints Private Rescue began as a small all breeds cat and dog rescue group in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

After taking in a number of flat faced cats, it became apparent that there was a need for a dedicated rescue group, for these beautiful, but often horrifically neglected cats. Squishies Flat Faced Cat Rescue was founded in 2012, to give flat faced cats all the special care they need and to find them homes that understand the commitment they require.

After 4 years of running Paw Prints and Squishies Cat Rescue side by side, we have now merged the two groups creating Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue.

Our focus going forward will be flat faced cat and dog breeds, while still taking other breeds, whenever possible.

Squishies rescues from pounds nationwide, as well as taking private surrenders from owners who can no longer care for their pet.

All animals that come into care are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and parasite treated and given all the time and support they need to be ready to find their forever homes.

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