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Southern Downs ARK


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Southern Downs ARK

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Warwick Queensland, Australia

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Southern Downs Animal Rescue & Kare (ARK) is an incorporated and registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to saving and improving the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats on the Southern Darling Downs and beyond. We were established in 2014 and are based in Warwick, Queensland.

Animals come into our care from many sources. Some are the product of indiscriminate breeding. Others we rescue from death-row at council pounds. Many are simply surrendered to us by people who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to look after them.

Regardless of where an animal comes from, we don’t discriminate or pass judgment. We take in sick, dying, young, old, broken, traumatised and unloved animals and do our best to rehabilitate and rehome them. Our goal is to give them a second chance at life.

We are a no-kill rescue organisation. Once a dog or cat is in our care, it stays with us until it is rehomed or dies of natural causes. We have several special dogs, who are living out their days in permanent ARK care.

ARK is operated by volunteers, who give freely of their time and personal resources to support our work. We have no paid staff.

We do not have a central shelter and depend on the generosity of approved foster carers to look after our animals, pending adoption into their forever homes.

Our income is derived entirely from donations, grants, membership fees and fundraising.

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