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South Gippsland Animal Aid Paws Galore Thrift Shop Incorporated


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South Gippsland Animal Aid Paws Galore Thrift Shop Incorporated

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Wonthaggi VIC, Australia

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We are a small group of people who care about the fate of hurt, abandoned and starving animals. We care enough to keep reminding people that it is really not difficult to behave responsibly toward their companion animals. That includes seeing that their pets are not left to breed indiscriminately, that they remain confined to their own property and are not left to roam alone, and are registered and microchipped to enable them to be returned promptly to their home if they should get out and run free.

Although South Gippsland Animal Aid is a registered non-profit organisation, there is no government funding to help us, so we need all the help charitable hearts can give us.

Our marvellous volunteers are kept very busy as there seems to be an unending need for homes for these unwanted animals. There is always a need for more volunteers too. If you feel you can contribute in any way, details can be found on our Become Involved page.

The area we cover takes in all of South Gippsland and beyond. This area includes coastal villages, natural coastline habitat for birds and native wildlife, farmlands, large regional towns and rapidly spreading townships, pockets of rainforest, and the most southern point of Australia’s mainland, Wilson’s Promontory… home to a wide variety of creatures who all need the kind of protection from harm and possible extinction from a population of feral hunters who once belonged in a domestic situation.

Please, if you have not given thought to any of these issues before reading this, today would be the perfect time to begin to practise being a responsible pet owner.

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