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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch


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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch

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Yandina QLD, Australia

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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch is a small not for profit NO KILL charity that is registered with the ACNC (Australian charities and not for profits commission) and we are also endorsed as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient).

SRR was formed to assist with saving animals from deathrow, as well as neglected,abused and or unwanted pets.

SRR may be small but our hearts are big and so are our intentions!

In the last year alone we have saved a staggering………..animals from death.

SRR is a team of animal loving volunteers. NO INCOME is paid to anyone in our charity.

SRR is working hard to save lives. We are hoping to continue with our efforts to save deathrow animals. Our current biggest influx is unwanted adult cats and kittens and pregnant felines. Sometimes there is 60 alone waiting on deathrow for a chance at life. SRR is constantly active in the rescue community and works 24/7 to find a way to provide these innocent souls with a life.

All SRR animals receive all vet work prior to being adopted unless they are a kitten that’s released under the required weight to desex, if they are under the weight required they come back for desexing and this is included in the adoption fee and in the contract.

All animals that come to SRR are fostered out to dedicated foster carers where they are kept in a safe indoor environment given ample opportunities to learn how to reintegrate into family life. They are loved as if they are owned by that foster carer and many tears are often shed when we say goodbye. Sad tears as they are all missed and happy tears knowing that a small life has been saved and will have a long and happy life. This is a very important part of Soquilichi Rescue Ranches operations.

To legalise mandatory desexing on the Sunshine Coast.
To find a way for lower cost desexing to be available to all citizens.
To create more awareness & education to the public, regarding the current issues in the animal world.
To gain the support of local businesses.
To gain more fundraising & financial assistance.

1. SHARE the word. Educate & give others a chance to see what we do & who we are.
2. FOSTER an animal. All you need is a safe warm bed & food. We provide all the rest.
3. ADOPT a pet. Deathrow pets are incredible animals that deserve your love.
4. GIVE your unwanted linen to us! We go through huge amounts of towels, sheets etc.
5. GIVE your unwanted items to our ONLINE PET AUCTION. Your trash is our treasure!
6. FOOD donations are always WANTED. As well as litter, beds, toys ETC
7. JOIN the $1 club. JUST $1 a week can change the lives of many…….
8. DONATE to our charity. Money helps SAVE lives.

We offer all our donators the chance to come and mingle with the deathrow kitties. We also offer you the chance to come and spend time with the horses (ALL VIA APPOINTMENT).

Adoption process

Firstly THANKYOU for chosing Soquilichi Rescue Ranch. We are a registered no kill, no wages paid animal rescue.

Please take the time to read these points before making a decision:).

All of our animals are adopted to approved homes only.

If you have cat allergies please do not enquire, as its very sad for the animal when they are returned.

If you are renting please have real estate approval prior to enquiring.

Potential adopters must have a meet and greet at either shelter or foster carers place and this is done via appointment to determine if you are suitable for each other ONLY.

Please have a final long think about whether you are prepared emotionally, physically and financially for a lifelong committment.

If this all appealing to you, you will be asked to fill out an adoption contract and make payment to the charity. Once that is completed you are able to make a time with either the shelter or foster carer to collect your chosen animal.