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Small Paws Animal Rescue QLD


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Small Paws Animal Rescue QLD

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Bray Park QLD, Australia

Organisation type

We are a medium size rescue organisation based in Brisbane QLD.

However being in Brisbane doesn’t stop us from rescuing interstate or regionally.

We work with several pounds and shelters, and most recently we are offering companion/assistance dogs to military and First Responders for free.

This program ensures the veteran has no stress triggers for 6 months and then they can elect to adopt the dog at a nominal fee as low as $50.

We also work with local community organisations to help educate the area about animal welfare.

We take animals from many pounds that are not in your list below.

Adoption process

We have a verbal interview initially, if suitable we email a 5 page application form, if suitable we proceed to a physical meet and greet.
We receive feedback from all sides and our committee make the final decision.