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Shoalhaven Bat Clinic & Sanctuary / Wildlife Rescue South Coast


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Shoalhaven Bat Clinic & Sanctuary / Wildlife Rescue South Coast

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Bomaderry NSW, Australia

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The aim of the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic and Sanctuary is to rescue and rehabilitate both Microbats and Megabats and to provide training to carers and to educate members of the public.

All our carers are vaccinated and specially trained in rescue and rehabilitation.

Our 8.5m aviary is located in close proximity to the colony with the wild flying-foxes visiting of an evening. Our release site is also close by and the clinic is also onsite with accommodation for sick and injuries animals.

View our videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ausj9

Non vaccinated Volunteers are always required as each day up 35 kilos of fruit is cut in the off season. There is also a need for clerical assistance, i.e. data entry, record keeping, fruit chopping and facility cleaners.

The Shoalhaven Bat Clinic and Sanctuary operates under Wildlife Rescue South Coast’s license. This license is issued by NPWS. All animals in our care are being rehabilitated for release back into the wild where they belong.

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