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Are you looking for an adult Shetland Sheepdog, or are a breeder looking to rehome an adult Sheltie? Perhaps we can help? Sheltie welfare is our primary concern ~ we believe every Sheltie deserves loving humans & a comfy couch to retire on.
We have the love & we have the connections – Sydney & NSW + Canberra & ACT only.
Who we are
Luan Hall – Rescue Officer & Admin: Rescue Officer with the Sheltie Club of NSW, involved with Shelties for over 30 years… I just freakin’ love Shelties!!
Michelle Young – Liaison Officer: Secretary of the Sheltie Club of NSW & breeder at Cheralay Shelties.
Gai Runnalls – Foster Officer: Treasurer for the Sheltie Club of NSW & guardian of five gorgeous gold Shelties, including ‘foster-fail’ Mickey.
Lisa Wright – Consultant: Founder of Maggie’s Rescue & guardian of exceptional Shelties, Clooney & Scout.


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