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Shar Pei Rescue Inc. are a not for profit association registered in Victoria (registration number A0053985U).

Our mission is to help as many of this exquisite breed of dog as we can by rehabilitating sick, injured or badly behaved Shar Pei, educating the general public on responsible pet ownership and Shar Pei specific requirements, and re-homing to caring families looking for a loyal companion.

We are a purely volunteer-based organisation and rely on donations for fundi ng however the available funding is insufficient to meet the growing demand and sadly, all to often we have to leave Shar Pei at the pound to await their fate. Unfortunately Shar Pei do not like being caged and consequently will often behave badly whilst behind bars. The innevatable consequence is that they rarely make it out of the pound alive 
With over 250,000 dogs and cats euthanised annually we endevour to do what we can to minimise these numbers and work closely with many pounds, shelters and rescue groups around the country to assist wherever possible.

In the interests of re-homing as many dogs as we can, our rescues are available for much less than the cost of the vet work, and as we don’t receive any government funding or assistance we rely on the genoristy of the general public to allow us continue saving these loveable dogs.

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