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SSR is a small rescue group based in Sydney NSW. With over 15yrs of ‘on the ground’ work; we operate in a unique, family style with all carers, admin and volunteers working together to support each other. 

Our approach to rescue takes into account the needs and feelings of applicants, adopters, volunteers, carers and our pets. Assuring the best possible outcome for everyone involved in the rescue and adoption journey.

All our animals are a lifetime commitment, SSR is always here to assist and we provide a lifetime return safety net as well as advice and help. 
During financial hardship or personal strife, SSR will always support our adopters. 

SSR will always extend assistance to rescued pets unable to be returned to their original rescue organisation. 

We believe in encouraging responsible owners to adopt but remain accepting of all. No matter where your pet comes from be it rescue, breeder, pet store, gumtree, you are always welcome. 

We always advocate for desexing; not contributing to a system where unwanted pets are euthanised by the thousands. If you need discounted desexing we will source assistance for you, available to health care card holders.

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