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Safe Rescue Incorporated


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Safe Rescue Incorporated

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Windsor NSW, Australia

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SAFE is Western Australia’s largest animal rescue organisation using the foster care model. Founded in 2003, we currently have 12 branches state-wide and have successfully rehomed more than 23,000 homeless animals. We utilise a dedicated team of volunteers ensuring an exceptional level of care for our rescue animals and a highly effective financial model. More than 80% of money donated goes directly to animal care. We are aligned with a wide network of Australia’s most respected welfare organisations and are the West Australian arm of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).

Although our core focus is animals, our largest impact is on the communities in which we work. We are helping people find companionship by connecting them with a pet who needs them. We are also helping to reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals by strongly advocating for animal desexing.

Our organisation works so effectively because it is run by people who know their own communities. When an animal is abandoned or surrendered our branch coordinators go about finding a foster carer from our list of volunteers. Often SAFE teams will drive hundreds of kilometres and work late into the night to ensure an animal is safe. Amazing dedication, teamwork and a whole lot of passion means that everyone just does what they need to make it happen.

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