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Safe And Sound Animal Rescue Inc

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Companion animal rescuers all over Australia contribute to the outcomes and future of millions of animals.

Your support for your local rescuer matters. By sponsoring your local rescue, volunteering or being involved you help generations of animals.

Safe And Sound Animal Rescue Inc

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Oran Park NSW, Australia

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Safe And Sound Animal Rescue is only a young organisation formed in October 2018 by a group of like minded individuals who have spent many years in various rescue roles.


We have come together with a common purpose and a firm commitment to saving the lives of all companion animals in the community.

SASAR is run 100% by volunteers and all of our rescues are cared for in family homes whist being prepared for their forever homes. This includes rehabilitation, vet work and plenty of love by all family members.

As a not for profit charity , SASAR rely heavily on the commitment of our supporters to continue to fund our rescue activities and our adoption fees assist in rescuing the next abandoned soul..

Our rescue pets aren’t broken or damaged, they have just experienced more in life then others. They have stories we wish they could tell, but they cant and we are their path to a new life and their forever families.

Please help us to help them.

Foster, volunteer, donate, adopt or simply share our pleas for help. Then be proud that you stepped up to help and that even in a small way, you helped them on their journey.

From abandoned to loved…

Adoption process

Step 1. Expression Of Interest
Step 2. If successful, meet and greet with the animal.
Step 3. If all goes well, the chance to adopt the animal.