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Rspca Darwin Regional Branch Inc


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Rspca Darwin Regional Branch Inc

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Casuarina NT, Australia

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The RSPCA is a non-Government, community-based charity and our primary concern is the welfare of all animals – great and small.

The RSPCA Darwin Facebook is moderated by staff at the RSPCA Darwin Regional office. 

We monitor the page during business hours Mon-Fri, and occasionally on the weekend. If you If you would like to report a case or have an urgent animal welfare query, please contact Animal Welfare on 1300 720 386 via phone to ensure the matter is dealt with as soon as possible.

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A major area of RSPCA Australia’s work is in Humane Food, and we are working to help consumers find higher welfare products through its Humane Food programs. There is a consumer-driven change happening in shopping trolleys, kitchens and restaurants across the country. People want to know how their food is produced, and are increasingly finding inhumane farming systems unacceptable. We will not argue the ethical or moral pros and cons of vegetarianism/veganism vs. eating meat on this page. 

The RSPCA is not a vegetarian/vegan organisation. We respect everyone’s eating choices, and we expect that others do the same, regardless of their personal philosophies.

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