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Rocky’s K9 Rescue


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Rocky’s K9 Rescue

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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About this organisation

Rocky’s K9 Rescue was set up by Merna Karam to save dogs and cats from a death sentence at the pounds in NSW. Our aim is to re-home good and deserving animals with a new family for the rest of the pet’s life..

Rockys’s rescue does not profit from fees, or pay wages. Our rescue is staffed by volunteers. Monies collected from fundraising and donations are used in direct aid for the dogs, cats and other animals.

In summary, cash donations are spent on the following –

  • Boarding kennel fees

  • Veterinary Fees- desexing, vaccination, health checks, treatments, micro- chipping, worming etc….

  • Intestinal Worm and Heart Worm Treatment and Prevention

  • Dog Food, Cat Food- Dry Food, Wet Food

  • Flea treatments, Flea Prevention

  • Medicated shampoos, flea shampoos, de- tangle shampoos

  • Dog Ear Cleaners

  • Dog Collars,Dog Leads and Dog Beds

  • Cat Collars, Toys, Cat Litter

  • Toys & Balls

  • Kennels, beds, towels & bowls

  • Postage stamps

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