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Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue


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Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue

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VIC, Australia

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We are a group of dedicated volunteers who rescue, foster and re-home animals that find themselves without a home, often sick and in desperate need of love.

We believe every animal deserves the right to be cared for and loved. We do not discriminate between young or old, pregnant or sick, they all deserve their freedom and our help.

Our mission is to help animals who find themselves in uncertain , desperate situations , often facing nowhere to go or even worse death. We attempt to help all types of animals , not just domestic cats and dogs , but farm animals such as goats, sheep , cows etc.

We will rescue, rehabilitate , vetwork and rehome as many animals as we are able to find space for and fund. We will place them into safe, loving homes where they can live out their lives without fear.

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