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Qld Frog Society Inc

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Qld Frog Society Inc

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East Brisbane QLD, Australia

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The aims of the Queensland Frog Society Inc. are as follows:

-To encourage and foster an interest in frogs generally, focusing initially on the species of the Brisbane area.

– To undertake a continuous survey of the local native species to determine their relative abundance and distribution and where necessary, make representations to governments on conservation needs.

– To provide expert assistance and education for newcomers to the world of frogs on identification, biology and intrinsic beauty as well as environmental value through field trips, lectures, slide nights and regular newsletters.

-To find out more about “the most splendid of creatures”, or simply to share in the joys of frog watching, you are invited to join the Queensland Frog Society Inc. Members receive the Society’s quarterly newsletter “The Frogsheet” and are able to take part in field trips and attend lectures and slide nights. New members are also entitled to collect a free copy of the “Frogs of Brisbane” poster. The society has public liability insurance.

For more info on how to join, see our website at http://www.qldfrogs.asn.au

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