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Puppy Play Ground


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Puppy Play Ground

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Zetland NSW, Australia

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Our Puppy Pre-School focuses on all the important socialisation and training aspects of your new life with your puppy. Basic obedience, Sound Training, Socialisation Exercises, Leash and Greeting Manners, Games and Tricks…We cover everything! Let us help you raise a balanced and confident adult dog that is a pleasure to take with you everywhere!Our experienced Dog Trainer has been training many of our dog clients with amazing results! We can help you with your Leash Manners, Therapy Dog Training, Basic Obedience, Recall, Over-Excitement Issues, Lead Reactiveness, Aggression… Just book in and start your journey to reach your training goals!Puppy Playground has partnered with Vets on Crown who offers Free Health Checks to our day care dogs while in our care. Keep your pooch up to date with Vaccinations and Pro-heart injections hassle free!Need a hand getting your pooch out in the morning? Can’t make it in time in the evening? No problem! Our Dog Taxi is here for you when you are unable to do it yourself!Cared for by canine professionals with Pet First Aid skills and knowledge and experience of dog behavior, all dogs will have an amazing and safe environment with other dogs and toys in our Dog Day Care!

For more info please visit our site – https://www.puppyplaygroundsydney.com.au/

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