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Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association Inc


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Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association Inc

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Karratha WA, Australia

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Due to human activities such as mining, farming, and expansion of towns, natural habitat is effected or destroyed and wildlife is impacted every day.

Pilbara Wildlife Carers are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native fauna throughout the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, giving many animals another chance at life.

Our caring volunteers respond to wildlife calls for help during the week with love and dedication.

Registered Rehabilitators respond to calls received through the mobile phone service 0438 924 842 when a sick, injured or orphaned animal is found.

 A suitably experienced volunteer will then take delivery of the animal and determine the most appropriate course of action. The calls we receive range from requests for advice on fledgling birds, to minesite queries regarding injured fauna, and distress calls when someone has hit a kangaroo.

Take a look at the “Get Involved” section to see how you can help make a difference. There are many ways you can help us attain our vision of growing.

Our commitment to excellence guarantees the organisations dedication to the welfare of wildlife in the Pilbara Region.

Our strong governance structure guarantees this organisation’s longevity and effectiveness into the future securing the welfare of our wildlife.

Everyone of us at Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association are here to make a difference when our wildlife needs our help.

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