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Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.


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Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.

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Brisbane Queensland, Australia

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Pets without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. is a registered non-profit charity, existing for the sole purpose of reducing euthanasia rates of healthy, adoptable animals that would otherwise fail in a traditional shelter.

We do not have a shelter, instead we rely on foster homes to provide temporary care and accommodation. Shelters are often incubators for disease and are certainly very stressful. Foster homes provide a safe and loving environment for animals to express normal behaviour.

The majority of our incoming animals are felines and while we do take dogs in to our adoption program, most of our rescue efforts are monopolised by the overwhelming amount of felines that present to council pounds and shelters.

We also have a special interest in Devon, Cornish and Selkirk Rex breed of cats.

Every animal that comes in to our care receives a veterinary health check which includes vaccinations micro-chipping and spay/neuter, as required. Any health concerns are addressed at the time of the initial veterinary consultation and can include dental problems and skin diseases. 

We take what we do, seriously. Our team collectively has over 150 years experience in animal welfare, care and support. As a small independent self funded rescue group, we have successfully found homes for hundreds of displaced animals and have been pro-active in establishing community based solutions to ongoing welfare issues.

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