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Pelican and Seabird Rescue Inc.

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Pelican and Seabird Rescue Inc.

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Cleveland QLD, Australia

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Donations are welcome – Bank: Suncorp   BSB: 484799   Account: 084955056. Pelican and Seabird Rescue Inc. relies entirely on the generous donations from the private sector, members of the public and fundraising efforts. We are NOT government subsidised.
Pelican and Seabird Rescue Inc. (PaSR), the name chosen by our founders to depict the organisations field of expertise, was established in December 2003, incorporated in 2006 and received ‘deductible gift recipient’ (DGR) status in 2008.  PaSR was granted a Queensland Government permit for the rescue and rehabilitation of pelicans and seabirds in 2007 being the first organisation in Queensland to do so.  The Queensland Government Code of Practice – Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals was reviewed in 2013 resulting in Pelicans and Seabirds being included in the ‘Restrictions on Caring for Specialist Protected Animals’ list placing more emphasis on the importance of our permit.

Our members adhere to rules set out in the following:
• PaSR Constitution and Members Code of Conduct
• Queensland Government – Code of Practice – Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland
• Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 – Animal Care and Protection Regulation

PaSR is one of only a few organisations world-wide that has the skills and equipment to safely rescue injured birds that still have flight ability.  Our volunteers are on call 24/7 to attend to rescues received on our hotline.

Once a bird is rescued we assess and can sometimes treat injuries in the field.  Where a ‘treat and release’ can be achieved the bird is released immediately back to the rescue site.  If the bird has a more serious injury or illness we transport it to one of the three Wildlife Hospitals in SEQ or an avian specialist for initial assessment and emergency treatment as required.  A treatment plan for the birds’ rehabilitation will be calculated by the attending vet and placed with the appropriate wildlife rehabilitator depending on the species.  Once the bird is deemed fit for release it is then returned to the location it was rescued.

PaSR is heavily committed to education and research in an effort to protect the flora and fauna that is unique to Australia. As part of our education and awareness program we have partnered with Australian Veterinary Association through their PetPEP program which is part of the Queensland school curriculum .

Expenses incurred by PaSR include food for birds in rehab and rescues, medications, rescue and rehabilitation equipment, rescue vehicle maintenance, GoVia toll, mobiles phones and organisational running costs to mention a few.

PaSR acknowledges the support of our major sponsor and patron Gail Austen (Goodtime Surfing) and our PaSR volunteers who give their time freely to assist with the day to day running of our organisation and the many rescues that can take them to far away locations. Thank you for being so selfless.

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