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Paws For Thought Rescue


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Paws For Thought Rescue

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NSW, Australia

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“Paws for Thought” Rescue Incorporated is a teeny tiny registered NSW charity in Sydney, run by just a husband & wife team to help abandoned geriatric dogs from death row.

PFT’s mission is to successfully rescue, rehabilitate and ethically rehome small senior companion dogs, giving them a chance at a “happily ever after”. PFT provides the very best of high-quality vet care, including specialist assistance, professional grooming, healthy food, stability, training, exercise, socialisation and lots of love.

The Sanctuary Dog Program is unique to PFT. This program helps abandoned senior dogs from high kill pounds to have their medical needs attended to & eventually successfully rehomed. Each dog arrives into care either extremely elderly, terribly sick or horribly neglected.

This PFT husband & wife team take enormous pride in their work, endearingly calling their dogs “Crusties & Wobblies” They believe there is a perfect forever home for each pet – regardless of their age, their health or their disability. Only a handful of dogs come into care at any one given time, where they are fostered in a home environment lovingly referred to as “Chateau PFT”.

Mr & Mrs PFT work on a volunteer basis (working also in full-time jobs) and all the vet work for each dog is paid for & made possible with the support of the general public. PFT relies solely on donations & fundraising to assist with the on-going care for each deserving dog. Whilst some rescue groups are at the beginning of a dog’s life….. “Paws for Thought” Rescue is there for each dog’s twilight years when they fall.

We believe there is a perfect home for any dog – regardless of their age, their health or their disability.

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