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Northside Riding Club

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Northside Riding Club

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St. Ives NSW, Australia

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Northside Riding Club is one of the oldest Equestrian Clubs in the Sydney Metroplitan Region. Situated in the St Ives Show Grounds in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, NRC holds around 70 events per year across all disciplines. From the beginning rider to the Olympian, NRC caters for all levels and all are welcome. We encourage you to post pictures of NRC members and events. Please note, by posting images on the NRC facebook page, you give us the permission to use your photos in marketing and advertising material. We will contact you if we intend to use your images. If you wish to use any photographs from this page for your personal use please contact the photographer for permission. NRC has the right to remove any clashing dates/posts it deems to be unsuitable. Photos of riders without helmets or unsafe activity are not permitted and will be deleted. You may re-post with photos inclusive of helmets. Looking forward to seeing you all out and about this year!!

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