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North Queensland Animal Rescue Inc


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North Queensland Animal Rescue Inc

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Cairns Queensland, Australia

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North Queensland Animal Rescue Inc. became an official incorporated entity on the 04/07/2012 Sparked by a group of dedicated animal lovers who were passionate about the problem of pet over population in their local area.


They didn’t have a physical property to home animals, YAPS was over capacity and under resourced, they thought outside the box to come up with the idea of a foster carer based rescue service, after all they had been rescuing and taking in unwanted pets themselves for some time.


Incorporating made it official and allowed them to begin working with local councils and pounds. With the assistance of the caring vets at Airport Vet offering a generous discount they were able to take in more pets and confidently offer foster carers pets that would have all their vetwork completed before being rehomed. Then came the sanction to fundraise, and the rest is history.


Since then, NQAR has become a DGR registered charity, meaning all cash donations received are tax deductible; Partnered with 4 paws on the inside, a program offerring the inmates at Lotus Glen Correctional Facility a chance to learn basic dog obedience skills; Rescued and re-homed over 1000 animals; Held training workshops and been a part of countless community events.


The group is still run by a small group of dedicated volunteer co-ordinators who manage all the administration from their own homes, whilst the wonderful foster carers take in the animals and love them as if they were their own.

2018 sees plans for more training workshops, hopefully working with one of the country’s most respected behaviourists, more obedience classes with Canine Training School and even more animals rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.

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