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Nature Needs More is the evolution of Breaking The Brand as we continue our work to tackle the trade in illegal and endangered wildlife.

In the first instance it was our intention to do a couple of demonstration projects, while working with large conservation agencies to support them in understanding the benefits of well targeted demand reduction campaigns (compared to the history of awareness -raising and education campaigns).

In the intervening years it became apparent that, while the social validation of the demand reduction process is happening, progress is too slow within the global conservation players. Whilst much of what they work on can be commended, when it comes to the illegal wildlife trade, they are lumbering when they need to be nimble; and there are too few signs that they are willing to learn fast enough for the wildlife we care about. If they can’t move faster to save the iconic species, how will they save the rest? On one hand their reports consistently drive home the crisis, yet they maintain their ‘business as usual’ behaviours.

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