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National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc


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National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc

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Campbelltown NSW, Australia

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National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc. is a totally voluntary non-profit organisation dedicated to animal rescuers; providing support and

The support NARGA provides ensures the community is supported during emergency disasters to support Animals in need.

One voice raising awareness, providing support and uniting animal rescue communities – together we will make a difference.

Narga aims to provide information, resources and support to member rescue groups, regardless of the species, breed or location.

Narga envisions a society that treats animals with respect and compassion, saving them from exploitation and where they are considered a privilege and not a commodity.


To promote open communication and cooperation amongst rescue groups, volunteers, carers and foster carers, thus providing a more efficient cause for bettering the situation for all rescue animals.

To provide a simple accreditation system to give the general public an informed choice and to provide an achievacle goal for rescue groups to aim towards and giving them the support to reach those goals.

To educate young and old alike about responsible pet ownership and how, in their everyday lives, they can help the rescue community and animals in need.

To create a fund for emergency veterinary care that can be applied for by rescue groups.

To provide a homecheck database, a volunteers database and provide foster carers to help rescue groups facing a temporary shortage.

To provide an Australian Lost Pet Register with free listings of lost or found animals, listings of all impounded animals and education on keeping pets safe at home.

To provide foster care training and other training as relevant.

To research and assist in research for causes that may benefit rescue groups, carers and the welfare of animals in general

To persuade, via lobbying and submissions, government bodies and animal welfare agencies to further the protection of animals and improve the standards of care in pounds, holding facilities and shelters.

To co-operate with other societies and organisations, both in Australia and worldwide to further our cause.

To promote the use of green corridors, mass plantings of native bush on unsustainable farm land and the conservation of rivers and their catchment areas in order to provide suitable habitat for wildlife.

To lobby for a re-classification of Dingoes to give them native status.

To seek the end of the use of 1080 poison.

To ban the live export trade.

To lobby for the appointment of an independant Animal Welfare Ombudsman.

To pursue all lawful means to further the purpose of NARGA and it’s members.

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