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Mange Management is a group of dedicated and concerned volunteers from varying backgrounds committed to treating and reducing the impact of mange in “Free Living Wombats”.

To date there has been little support and no undertaking of any government department to try to eradicate mange or even to humanely euthanize these animals which are left to die a slow and agonizing death. It has been left to volunteer wildlife carers and landowners to deal with this unpleasant task.

How we began

Maryknoll Wildlife Shelter in Victoria together with local Landcare groups had become increasingly concerned about the incidence of mange in the wombat population. It was after attending the Wombat Conference in Albury in 2011, wildlife shelters in Victoria became aware of the “Wombat Protection Society’s Burrow Flap Device”. This had been used in parts of NSW since 2007 with positive results. Consequently, approval was sought to set up a trial treatment program in Victoria.

After successfully completing a three year trial with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (Animal Ethics), Mange Management Inc. is now providing an “In Field” treatment program.


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