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Mandalong Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

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Mandalong Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

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Mandalong NSW, Australia

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Mandalong Animal Sanctuary & Rescue is a safe haven for ALL animals. We rescue and take in all kinds of animals from all walks of life. We are strictly No Kill, all animals that fail to find a home will be welcomed into a forever home at our Sanctuary. The sanctuary is also used to house and rehabilitate sick, orphaned and injured Wildlife through Wildlife A.R.C and shared with Let The Ladies Go to rehabilitate and re-home Chickens and Roosters.

Adoption process

The adoption process may seem quite lengthy but this is because we want to find the best possible home for these pets that have been so hard done by but also to find you a perfect pet match.

The process is started by you, please view our available pets online on our adoption page, please read their needs and information. Once you have found a pet you are interested in, fill out the application questionnaire, also found on the adoption page and send completed application to our email address. From there we will review your application and contact you via phone as soon as possible with the outcome or with recommendations.

If successful you will have a meet and greet scheduled so you can meet the pet. You may take the pet home from there or you can schedule more days with the pet at the Sanctuary to get them used to you. All pets are able to be returned within 7 days of adoption for a full refund, however, we try our best to ensure this doesn’t have to happen.

All pets adopted from us are to be surrendered back to us please, if any event occurs in the future that leaves you unable to care for the pet or leaves it needing to be re-homed. Pets adopted through us have access to free surrender, discounted boarding and ongoing support and advice.