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Dedicated to rescuing unwanted dogs from Australian pounds. We believe every dog deserves a warm bed, love & a full tummy. Make pet adoption your 1st option

With foster homes located across Melbourne and Victoria, Mamma Paws Dog Rescue takes in abandoned dogs in need of love and a comfy place to heal. Our dedicated foster Mamma’s and Papa’s provide a peaceful, nurturing, happy environment for these dear little souls to enjoy while we find them their fur-ever home.

Our adoption process while thorough is also very understanding of the demands of day to day life. Having rescued unwanted dogs my whole life, my sole aim is to see as many as possible break free of the pound system and into a loving home. Adopting a dog doesn’t just save the one you adopt, it also saves the life of the next dog in need who can then take it’s place. Rescue a dog today and you will forever know you made a huge difference.

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